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Things you don’t know about fruits and vegetables

Things you don’t know about fruits and vegetables

We all know the positive impact that fruits and vegetables have on our health, here we have decided to have a look on how you can take advantage out of the kitchen.

Lets start with the yellow banana

It is sweet, gives energy but did you know that you can remove ink spots on your fingers by rubbing them with its inner peel ?

What about the tasty basil ?

You can eat this aromatic plant cooked or raw and eating some basil will help you digest better.

Do you like the round and green cabbage ?

Hardly anyone knows that the comestible cabbage was invented by man crossing wild species of cabbage. Cabbages are good to eat when you want to loose weight.


Would you bear the acid lemon ? 

You can use the lemon to clean up your silver jewelries. 

Everybody likes the Ginger juice !

Ginger has aphrodisiac properties. In Senegal women make belts with ginger tubercles to excite their husbands' sexual vigour.

Let's cry with some onions !

Did you know that onions can be used against mosquitoes. Cut your onion into two parts and stay close to it, mosquitoes won’t come by your side. 


We have reached the end of this article and we hope you enjoyed its lyrical aspect. Feel free to share this with your friends, your family and all your beloved. Take care of you.

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